calendula petals, cornflowers, lemon balm, skullcap, and spearmint

Herbal ice cubes in water make for the perfect summer refresher.  Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also impart a delicious flavor to water and other cocktails.

Making them is a delight on its own – it gives you a good excuse to leave your busy day for awhile, to go to the garden and be amongst the hummingbirds, bees, and other insects to harvest herbs. Allowing yourself to be inspired by the colors and scents of nature will help you to create very beautiful accompaniments for your next drink.

lemon balm, feverfew, chamomile, wood betony

lemon balm, feverfew, chamomile, and wood betony

The list of herbs you can use to decorate your ice cubes is endless, but of course, be sure to use plants that aren’t poisonous.

Some of my favorite herbs to use are not only beautiful, but have medicinal properties as well. Herbs like chamomile, wood betony, lemon balm, and feverfew are all cooling and calming herbs, making cubes containing them icy bombs of useful medicine. As the cube melts in your glass, the herbs will begin to diffuse into the water turning it into an infusion for cooling and calming your system. These types of herbs are especially useful on hot days!

Making these lovely cubes is perfectly easy – simply add the chosen herbs to your ice cube trays, pour water over the top, and freeze. Once frozen, pop them out and add to your drink!

More Herb Ideas for Ice Cubes


California poppy 


Echinacea petals






peppermint, chamomile, skullcap, cornflowers, borage, and marshmallow flowers for adding to ice cubesFullSizeRender