About Uncut Roots Family Farm

We are a small family farm in Manton, Michigan right on the beautiful Manistee River. We specialize in luxurious angora fiber, goat’s milk and duck eggs, as well as hand-crafted tinctures, salves, oils and soap. Uncut Roots is committed to using only sustainable, organic farming methods on our small land holding. To our family, sustainable farming means nurturing the Earth by building up the soil so that we can grow healthier, more nutritious fruits and vegetables and raise healthier animals that partake of them for their nourishment. In addition to the above mentioned items, you may occasionally be surprised with organically grown fruits and vegetables at our humble farm-stand when the bounty of our harvest exceeds what we need for the year.

Only by starting at the very roots are we able to produce the highest quality fruits, vegetables and potent medicinals!